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  • Why can't I choose the Windows language when I setup a computer ????

    I am English, but I live in Switzerland. My old computer was getting a bit long in the tooth and so I decided to buy a new one. Of course in Switzerland here are four official lanaguages : German, French, Italian and Reto romanisch. English though widely spoken as a second language is not an official language.

    I saw some good offers and decided to purchase a new machine. Of course the machine came with Windows XP pre installed. It was the german version of Windows XP !  My german is fairly good but I prefer to use the english version of software. Which means now I have to install the english version of XP. That means either partitioning the drive or wiping the drive as I know from experience never try and install the english version of Windows over a German version. It is just not worth the pain.

    This is such a nuissance as if I was installing Linux, I would be asked at the start which language I wanted and given a large list to choose from. Why or why doesn't Windows do this ?

    When it comes to the Tablet PC it is even worse, as the operating system comes with the hardware. Again no ability to change the language.

    My wish is that with Longhorn this is no longer problem and that I can simply choose which language I want to install at the start.