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  • Don't write off rich client apps, or why a J2EE application was rewritten

    Recently I had discussion with a friend about a project he was working on. He said he was converting a J2EE application to a .Net application. Naturally my first question was why ??  I was glad to hear that someone was doing commercial .Net development but I was curious what the ROI would possibly be. If you have already written an application and it works why rewrite it ?

  • A question of trust

    I was speaking with one of my collegues today about XP SP2 and he noticed the security centre and said that he expected that eventually MS will come out with their own anti virus software. He then said,: "Even though I am an MSCE, I would not trust MS and I would still install 3rd party anti virus software." I thought this was an interesting point of view because when you think about it the anti virus software companies have a vested interest that there are lots of viruses, as the more virues there are the more software they sell. On the other hand MS suffers an image problem when ever a virus causes problems. So Microsoft has a vested interest to ensure that the number of virius problems is minimal and the anti viruses companies have an interest that there are more viruses. On that basis why trust MS anti virus software less than software from a 3rd party ?