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Nannette Thacker, consultant and owner of Shining Star Services LLC, specializes in development of custom dynamic database driven web applications utilizing technologies. Nannette has been developing ASP sites since 1997. Nannette has written numerous articles on web development techniques and tutorials.

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ADO.NET Entities Tutorials

I have been working with the ADO.NET Entities Data Model for ORM and I am very impressed. I'd been working with Data Sets and Table Adapters, so was excited about diving into the new release of ADO.NET Entities Data Model.

I found some excellent tutorials published in October 2008 (so they're fairly recent) to help get you started and want to share them with you.

Anand Thakur shares three C# tutorials:

Getting started with ADO.NET Entity Framework in .NET 3.5

Getting started with ADO.NET Entity Framework in .NET 3.5 - Part II

Getting started with ADO.NET Entity Framework in .NET 3.5 - Part III

I was able to follow along and whip together a quick VB version using my own tables. (You can do that assuming you know both C# and VB.) But in other words, it's a well thought out, documented set of tutorials.

Now what I particularly like about Anand's tutorials is that he caters to the very beginner. For instance, he takes you step by step through creating a 3-tier web application and projects, first by creating a windows class library and adding the ADO.NET Entities Data Model.

Then he shows you how to create the service layer project and how to add references. And finally the web site itself and adding references. If you've never created a three-tier project, this tutorial is an excellent walk-through.

Another tutorial by Wriju Ghosh covers tables with relationships:

ADO.NET Entity: Insert Update and Delete with Relationship

Also see: ADO.NET Entity: Insert Update and Delete

Wriju has also written numerous other blog posts on ADO.NET.

Now let me backup for those who are new to programming ASP.NET. If you're new to ADO.NET, maybe you should review some tutorials on ADO.NET as well. I recommend Joe Mayo's C# tutorial:

Lesson 01: Introduction to ADO.NET

There are additional lesson links at the bottom of this lesson. His objectives are to help you:

  • Learn what ADO.NET is.
  • Understand what a data provider is.
  • Understand what a connection object is.
  • Understand what a command object is.
  • Understand what a DataReader object is.
  • Understand what a DataSet object is.
  • Understand what a DataAdapter object is.
  • May your dreams be in ASP.NET!

    Nannette Thacker

    P.S. I just found this great 7-part tutorial by mendhak, which also includes information on Insert, Update, and Delete with Stored Procedures.

    ADO.NET Entity Framework Tutorial and Basics




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