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I have decided to move out under the umbrella of, and strike out on my own. :-)  You can now find Nino.Mobile at (rss).  For those of you interested in just The Mobile Minute, get your RSS here.  Speaking of...  The Mobile Minute 23 is out.

Thanks to ScottW for giving me space to start my blog (back in the days of dotnetweblogs).  Now come on over to the new place.


The Mobile Minute 22

Happy New Year!  :-)  

And in this post, Russell makes a good point that Sun (J2ME) and Symbian don't have anything like MDC.  I think it would be something important to those camps if they wanted to promote their cause and energize developers.  Additionally, I think that such an event would get more than a few attendees whose primary platform was Windows Mobile...but, what do I know?


The Mobile Minute 21

Did I mention I love the History Channel?  :-)   Ok..on to a relevant topic:


The Mobile Minute 20

it's a lovely day (a sunny 38F) at my father-in-law's, and I found a few interesting things:


..and in other news, Steve Makofsky has written a little utility to check the validity of your IE favorites

The Mobile Minute 19

Hello again, faithful readers; after a few days of being disconnected (ok, not quite; I was working on my SPV E200) and spending some time with family (and I must say I made a killer chocolate and raspberry trifle), I'm back at it.

A few things of interest:


The Mobile Minute 18

Home for two weeks.. yeah.. nothing like a well-deserved vacation to catch up on reading, training, cert exams, coding ... not to mention getting to see my wife. :-)

  • Microsoft announces the details for the mobile event of the year, Microsoft Mobile Developer Conference 2004  (I went last year (the first one) and learned quite a bit and got to do some killer networking.  Hopefully things will work out and I'll be able to be in San Francisco in March.)
  • DigiTimes notes that Motorola will be releasing new Smartphones in Q1. (via SmartphoneThoughts)
  • notes that Gartner has released a report that Windows Mobile 2003 is gaining momentum.  Yeah!
  • ITC & HTC sign an agreement to implement EDGE and WCDMA..hopefully in a Windows Mobile powered device. has the scoop
  • has link to an SPV E200 review that they are calling faked.   interesting..

Canceled my i-Mate 8080 order from Expansys.  They were nice enough, but couldn't give me an accurate ship date as they were having trouble getting the merchandise.  I have an Orange SPV E200 on order now.  *sigh* 

..more later today


.NET CF 1.0 SP2 - not for Smartphone

Neil points out something that I should have yesterday.  .NET CF 1.0 SP2 is not supported on Smartphone 2003.

From the download page:

  • Supported Device Operating Systems: Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile Software for Pocket PC 2003, Windows CE .NET 4.1-based operating systems and higher


.NET CF 1.0 SP2 (re-release) available

I just received this e-mail:

Dear Beta Tester,

Thank you for participating in the Beta Test program for Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP2. We are pleased to announce that .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP2 will be available for download today.

Downloads available at:

..NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP2 Redistributable (Re-release)

..NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP2 Developer Redistributable (Re-release)

UPDATE:  1) sorry about the multiple posts, not sure how I fat-fingered that one. 2) Downloads are active

Here's the fix list:

Performance & Other Improvements List:
- Improved performance of many data tasks, including populating DataSets, searching DataTables, DataSet.ReadXml() method when a schema is used, finding and indexing operations, setting DataSet.EnableConstraints property
- Improved resource loading performance
- Minor GUI performance improvements
- Extend keyboard events to be enabled on all controls (Control.KeyUp, KeyDown, KeyPress)
- Added support for ForeColor &/or BackColor for Button, Checkbox, ComboBox, DomainUpDown, Label, Listbox, ListView, NumericUpDown, RadioButton, Trackbar, TreeView
- Added support for new Smartphone languages: Finnish, Czech, Romanian, Slovakian, Norwegian, Hungarian, Polish, Turkish, Russian
- Improved Control.Enabled and Control.Parent property changing performance
- Support menu hotkeys on Pocket PC
- Support raising context menus from assigned hardware key, Pocket PC
- Tab support for Pocket PC based on Z-Order
- XmlTextReader performance improvements

Defect Fix List:
- Fixed crash when SQLClient or SQLServerCe is installed.
- DataRowCollection.Find() method throws wrong exception
- Fixed erroneous parsing of HttpWebRequest response stream
- Form does not get the focus when all controls are removed from the form
- InputPanel Button disappears from MainMenu on Pocket PC 2002
- InputPanel's EnabledChanged Event fires inspite of setting the enabled property to the same value.
- IrDAClient.DiscoverDevices device names garbled
- Memory leak in the NumericUpDown, DomainUpDown, ComboBox and TextBox controls
- Native Exception occurs when using the get accessor for Control.Capture
- Navigation bar flickers when new form is being loaded.
- ObjectDisposedException occurs when DataBinding a control to a form shown via Show()
- OK button eventually goes away when re-using recycled form for ShowDialog()
- Setting the InputPanel.Enabled property when the form is closing throws an exception
- SIP button does not go away when the toolbar control is removed from a form that does not have a menu
- The Focus method does not work correctly for the NumericUpDown and DomainUpDown controls
- The Text property of a ListView column is reset to “” when removing the column from the ListView and then adding it back.
- ContextMenu: Fixed TreeView issues on Pocket PC 2003
- ContextMenu: Fixed side effects on controls like Scrollbar and Label
- ContextMenu: erroneous functionality when bound to ListBox
- ContextMenu: Showing a context menu on Pocket PC for a textbox unselects the selected text in the textbox
- ContextMenu: Empty ContextMenu on Pocket PC should not pop up
- Web services: After repeatedly canceling asynchronous web request, all web service calls fail
- conversion of 0.0F to a string and results in a memory leak
- Web services: An XmlException is thrown when deserializing a qualified name that has no prefix and there is no default namespace defined
- Web services: Incorrect handling of null headers in SOAP message


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The Mobile Minute 17

Not much for tonight:

oh..and I got an e-mail on Friday that started like this: 

Dear Nino Benvenuti

Welcome the OpenNETCF Smart Device Framework Beta Program.



Number Portability realities

I was talking with a good friend of mine who decided to switch from Cincinnati Bell Wireless (an AT&T Wireless affiliate) to Verizon.  Alas, things didn't go so well.  So far it seems that CBW has done everything OK; however, Verizon has botched things.  He can currently call out, but he cannot receive calls.  Verizon has given him quite the runaround stating that he had canceled his service (when he hadn't), that CBW didn't port the number, and that it takes a while among other excuses.   Update: Other co-workers of his who made the same switch are experiencing the same issue with Verizon.

What about you?  I'd love to hear other experiences in porting a mobile number from one carrier to another.


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