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  • Welcome to Web 2.0

    Micheal Robertson writes
    "Bye Bye Microsoft Word, Hello ajaxWrite"
    What if there was alternative for Microsoft Word that would install and open in 6 seconds, read and write Microsoft Word .doc files and run on Macintosh, Microsoft Windows or Linux computers? And oh yeah, it was FREE so consumers didn't have to pay $499 for Microsoft Office. I'm excited to announce that day is here....


  • A Technique for Producing Ideas

    We consider an idea as something which comes to our mind as magic. What we don't realize is the process that every one have gone through before producing an idea. In this book, James Webb Young describes this process as five easy steps. It is a very thin book and a very enjoyable reading.


  • Enhance your productivity with xplorer2

    I, as a geek, strive to save every second and every keystroke that I can to make me more productive. As part of that experience, I'll try to share some of the tools that I use in my daily work life. This is the first review in the series where I looked at xplorer2 as an excellent replace for the Windows Explorer.


  • Source Code Visualisation

    If you think of reading source code, there are not many choices in hand. What we are essentially using now is nothing more than the same text editor that we started using more than 20 years ago. Although the whole coding experience is greatly enhanced because of the IDE and as a matter of fact, it is nearly impossible to use simple notepad for anything more than demos and tutorials. For the last few days, I was trying to find out something better to understand source code. In the end, I wrote something that is built into my mind. Please read about "Visual Source" and comment.


  • Project Ideas I

    Web Applications:


    Disaster Management System: (Gain: Mapping, Database, Payment Gateway integration, Web Services)

    - A web based application integrating Google Maps or Virtual Earth to show the locations.

    - Integration with Relief Organizations for tracking / distributing donation in affected areas.

    - Payment system to accept donations to relief organizations.


    WIKI for Mindmaps: (Gain: Flash, Flash Remoting, Database)

    - A wiki is a website or similar online resource which allows users to add and edit content collectively.

    - A mind map or mindmap is pictorial representation how a central concept is linked to other concepts and issues.

    - The idea is to develop wiki like framework for mindmaps where anyone can edit/add content.


    Desktop Projects:


    Visual Build Tool: (Gain: XML, User Interface Design)

    -An integrated visual tool for working with Nant, BuiltIt, MSBuilt or other build tools.


    Mobile Projects:


    Location based Tourist Information: (Gain: Mobile Programming, Web Services, Database)

    - Send SMS if you are near to some tourist spot. (GPS)

    - Show map from source to destination

    - Give more info about the destination, call taxi, bus routes etc

    - Give virtual tour (location picture) of that location

    - Provide image upload and location blog facility

    - Automatically create a blog section for current city