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  • SequenceViz :: SVG to Raster Conversion

    For SequenceViz, the next thing on the list was to export the SVG output to an image. I would like it to be included within the application but unfortunately I am unable to find a working implementation which I can use. (tried SVG# but didn't wok).


    There are few ways where you can take the generated SVG and convert it into a raster image manually. These options are described below:


    Please note that the SVG image of the diagram is generated to a file named Seq.svg before rendering in the browser control. So that is the file you should be converting.


    1) Apache Batik:

    Apache Batik is a wonder Java toolkit to manipulate SVG images and it does a lot more than that. See the website ( for more information. For our purpose, it includes a tool called SVG Rasterizer ( which can convert SVG file to a raster format.  There is sufficient information on the website to use that tool therefore I would recommened you to look at the above website.


    2) Inkspace: (

    Inkspace is an open source vector graphics editor similar to Illustrator, Freehand and Corel Draw. It can also be also to convert SVG to other formats.


    Letme know if you have more information on any other way to convert SVG into other formats.