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I ran across this fine piece of text describing how google is using Semantic Web to overcome its competitors. Well, just keep it in your mind while reading that article that google has just acquired Pyra (the company behind

A little update on Visual Xpath. Now you can generate Xpath queries for individual XML attributes. Download the source with executable from here.

I am looking for an addin which can convert code to html from the VS.NET IDE. I found this [GenerateHTML.exe] but it works with the complete file, not with code segments.

Is there any such tool available for free?

Sometimes, I think why I prefer one product over another. Is it because

1. The product is based on latest technology?

2. The product contains a lot of functionality and architectured with the best of design but nothing shows in front.?

3. Or The product is the most user friendly?

Number 3 is the key in my opinion. Well, you can say that I am not discovering anything new. I know that nothing is new, but most of us including myself  forget the significance of this. This is why Microsoft Windows and other Microsoft Products like Office are that much popular. I used OpenOffice for a while and despite the fact that it uses XML standard from version 1.0 I dumped it after a week. Just because after using it, I felt that I was alone in this world. It is not interoperable with Microsoft Office (which is used by all my friends and co-workers). Similar is the case with Linux and Windows. There are some cool GUIs build for Linux but there is no standard like Windows. 

So, my point is clear. "Make your product user friendly". People will stick to your software , no matter how many security holes in there in your software or how many times it shows you the blue screen in a day :).

Speaking of blue screen, I almost forgot it since I switched to Windows XP.


Haiko Hebig has put together an extensive list of news aggregators, broken down by operating system. Love it!

[Thanks to The Shifted Librarian.]

[via Column Two ]

Excellent !

If you love .net rocks then there is another site which is quite similar. I found a large collection of mp3 archives here. The talk about Xbox is very interesting along with all the interviews with the Don of WebServices.

I recently posted a small utility to gotdotnet that started as my pet project. It is called Visual Xpath.

What it does?

- Run Xpath Queries on any Valid Xml document.
- Show XML load time and Xpath query execution time.
- Edit XML using the TreeView
- Loading namespace automatically
- Generating Xpath Queries automatically when you click on any of the XML tree node.
- Generate basic source code in C#.

Although you can download it from gotdotnet. But always contact me for more recent version.

Note that this is just the basic version of Visual XPath. All other enhancements and bug-fixtures are only possible on your feedback.

Anybody working with ROTOR should look at this community

I finally started this. I have been reading these blogs from sometime but never tried to be a part of it. Thanks Scott for providing me this opportunity.
Well, what do I write here? My experiences with .NET, personal opinions, links/posts that I found interesting etc. etc.

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