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May 2003 - Posts

"Microsoft's tactics in the sector -- enter with low-price, "good enough" technology and nibble away market share from entrenched rivals slowly but surely -- sound familiar to anyone who followed the browser battles of the late 1990s. So, is Oracle in danger of getting Netscaped?"


Guess what?

Sun started an rss feed for development resources.

Werner Vogels on Comparing CLR, Mono, SSCLI and JAVA Performance.

While choosing an RSS Aggregator, I am stuck into the triangle of Syndirella, SharpReader and RSSBandit. I prefered Synderilla at first because of the "Press space to move to next unread feed" feature. Then I felt ignored by missing the threaded post functionality and therefore move to RSSBandit. It comes with the better of all UI for aggregators, but there are cetain things which I didnt like. First of all is the amount of memory that it consumed and second to that is the speed with which it works. After pressing "Space", I had to wait for a couple of seconds before it renders the feed. In addition, I personally find it very annoying to face a pop-up message box whenever a feed invalidates. In contrast, sharpreader does perform well. Only the "Press space" functionality because of which I moved to synderalla is missing. I still like Syndirella to grow, but there are some individual efforts to extend it instead of making a collaborative effort.

A couple of other options that I would like to see in Aggregators are:

-The ability to subscribe to any feed from the Internet Explorer's Context menu. This will be  ultraefficient method of subscribing to any feed.
-When importing an OPML file, I would like to select or deselect any of the feed. This feature is displayed in the upcoming FeedDemon.

[ DENIM is a system that helps web site designers in the early stages of design. DENIM supports sketching input, allows design at different refinement levels, and unifies the levels through zooming. ]


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