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  • Free Archiving Tool

    [IZArc is a free archiving tool that suports many archive formats like:

    It allows you to drag and drop files from and to Windows Explorer,
    create multiple archives spanning disks, view and write comments and
    there is an integrated password detector, allows you to find
    the passwords of one password protected zip file.
    IZarc has built-in multilanguage support]


  • My Resume

    Nauman Leghari


    [ Summary ]



    - Experienced developer focusing on Microsoft .NET Platform
    - Extensive knowledge of High-Performance, N-Tier Architecture
    - Proactive Team Member ready to take on new challenges
    - Experienced in developing Financial and Trading Systems
    - Awarded Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) for the year 2003-2004
    - Implemented Extreme Programming practices to enhance software development

    [ Education ]


    MSc Mobile Computing
    University Of Bradford, United Kingdom (  

    [ Work History ]


    Component Software Developer                                                                                Feb 2005 – To date
    BT Exact, BT.

    Team Leader                                                                                                                Feb 2003 – Feb 2005
    Excellent Solutions (

    Software Team Leader                                                                                                Dec 2000 - Dec 2002

    Creative Chaos Pvt. Limited (  

    [ Professional Projects ]


    FASTPETER (Enterprise Communication System)
    FASTPETER is a transaction based messaging system build to connect different systems within BT Exact. It provides a way of connecting disparate systems and manages the connections and routing of messages between these systems. It is also used to build additional services. Currently our focus is to deliver simultaneous provision of PSTN and ADSL for UK customers. We employed format Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration in an Extreme Programming environment using NUnit and Version One.
    Client: BT Retail, BT Wholesale
    Platform: C#, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, IBM MQ Series

    PROMETHEAN (Online Trading System)
    PROMETHEAN is an online trading floor built for the US based brokerage house Excellent Executions. This system is used by their clients to place, browse their orders online. This system also enables traders to pick up orders and generate NASD compliant reports. As part of this project, we also built a Mobile version of the trading floor for order entry and watching stocks.
    Client: Excellent Executions (
    Platform: ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

    FIXINTEGRATOR (FIX Protocol Integration)

    ECNFIXINTEGRATOR is a FIX Engine which support extensions provided by Independent firms like ARCA (Archipelago) and IB (Interactive Brokers). This FIX engine is used by PROMETHEAN to connect different ECNs using the FIX Protocol.
    Client: Excellent Executions (
    Platform: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

    EXXSTATIONSERVER (Exx Application Server)
    EXXSTATIONSERVER is an application server connected with the Rich Client on desktop. This system uses MSMQ to receive messages and then interacts with FIXINTEGRATOR to transform messages into FIX Protocol. The system communicates with several ECNs and directly route orders.
    Client: Excellent Executions (
    Platform: Microsoft Windows 2003, MSMQ, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

    LEGASYS (Law Office and Time Management System)
    LEGASYS is a case and time management solution that also includes document management, scheduling, litigation support, integrated calendars, chat support, contacts management and reporting.
    Client: IURA Legal Consultant (Dubai, U.A.E.)
    Platform: Microsoft .NET, WinForms, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

    BAYVIEW SMS (School Management System)
    BAYVIEW SMS is a complete school management and administration system. It consists of Student Information System, Administration Information System and the Accounts and Assets module.
    Client: BayView Academy
    Platform: Microsoft VB 6.0,Crystal Reports 8.0, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

    GLOBAL SECURITIES (Online Financial Portal)
    GLOBAL SECURITIES are a full service brokerage and financial consulting company. The project involves conversion of scripts from Perl to PHP, Dynamic Chart Module, Live Quotes from KSE and Database Driven Poll.
    Client: Global Securities Limited
    Platform: PHP 4.0, Apache, MySQL

    [ Publications ]


    - Professional .NET Network Programming – Co-authored with Wrox Publishers
    - Using Log4Net – Article on Orielly Network
    - Creating XML Broker in .NET – Article on InformIT Network
    - Tools and Platform: Choices for a Mobile Application Developer – Paper for University Research

    [ Personal Achievements ]


    - Awarded Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) for year 2003-2004
    - Started Mobile Developer User Group in University of Bradford
    - Administrator and Core Developer of Devmobile Community (Mobile Developer’s Portal)

    [ Academic Projects ]


    The idea behind Go4movies is to create a set of applications providing user the facility to browse through movie listings and book movie tickets from anywhere using his/her mobile phone. This project consists of several applications to provide the complete solution. I developed the Data Access Layer, Web Services Layer for interacting with various clients, WAP Version using ASP.NET and the .NET Compact Framework Version using C#.

    A WAP Application built using ASP.NET. The purpose of this project is to find bus routes between two different locations within a city. The end user enters the source and destination; the application then returns all possible bus routes between the paths. In addition, the user can also view all related bus stops and the bus timings on each bus stop.

    Visual XPath:
    Visual XPath is a graphical way of generating XPath query results. It can also be used to generate XPath queries dynamically by select XML nodes shown in the form of tree. You can also generate queries for individual attributes. This utility is built using Visual C#.

    BlogWeaver is a categorized feed aggregator focusing on Microsoft .NET Technologies. This web based application is built using Microsoft ASP.NET and running SQL Server 2000 on the back end.

    [ Skills ]


    Operating Systems: Windows 9x, Windows XP, Windows 2000
    Languages: C++, Visual Basic, PHP, C#, Java, XML
    Libraries: .NET Framework, J2SE, J2ME
    Development Environments: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Eclipse
    Project Management Tools: Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project
    Software Development Methodology: Agile Methodologies, Extreme Programming
    Miscellaneous Technologies: MSMQ, ASP.NET, SOAP, Web Services, J2ME, Agent Oriented Programming
    Other Tools: NUnit (Unit Testing), NAnt (Builds), DevPartner Profiler, Reflector (Reverse Engineering), CodeSmith (Code Generation)

    [ Topics of Interest ]


    Software Development Methodologies, Agile Techniques, Design Patterns, Business Analysis, Mentoring, Test Driven Development

    [ References ]

    Available upon request

    Contact Me


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