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July 2003 - Posts

[IZArc is a free archiving tool that suports many archive formats like:

It allows you to drag and drop files from and to Windows Explorer,
create multiple archives spanning disks, view and write comments and
there is an integrated password detector, allows you to find
the passwords of one password protected zip file.
IZarc has built-in multilanguage support]

[Next week Bruce Eckel and I will be co-interviewing Anders Hejlsberg, the chief architect of C#. Although we already have several topics lined up to ask to Anders about, I'd like to give readers a chance to post their own ideas for the interview. What would you like to hear Anders Hejlsberg talk about? (From Bill Venners' Weblog) ]

very interesting historical usenet entries.
must read

[Beta 8 of log4net 1.2.0 is now available for download.
For release notes and download instructions see

Release highlights:

Changed assembly name to log4net
Combined Release and ReleaseStrong builds
New Appender: ColoredConsoleAppender
New Appender: SmtpPickupDirAppender
New Layout: XmlLayoutSchemaLog4j
New PatternLayout conversion characters
Fine grained fixing for buffered events
Code updated inline with FxCop 1.21
EventLogAppender 32K Limit

Nicko - via log4net devel-list]

[Does your business need an integration expert with deep knowledge of Lotus Notes, Microsoft Access, .NET plus a masters in IT? Maybe not today, but 77-year-old Ian Findlay is betting he'll soon be hot property again. That's why he is embarking on a Masters in IT at Charles Sturt University in NSW. read more]
[via Zulfikar]

[Internet company acquiring former paid search provider for $1.6B in cash and stock. read more.]

So, Google vs Yahoo again. For the future put Microsoft in the race too. Two of the many new initiatives that Microsoft is taking right now are "Search Engine" and "Stopping Spam".

Well, I can't see Microsoft winning any of these without demonstrating the effect in their own products. We all know how Microsoft Site Search sucks and speaking of Spam, I almost closed down my account only due to the amount of spam.

I was surfing through the .NET Desktop contest where most of the entries are Matrix related. While browsing for related wallpapers, I found a tutorial on how to create your own Matrix wallpaper using Photoshop.

Very Interesting.

In 1960, a researcher interviewed 1500 business-school students and classified them in two categories: those who were in it for the money [^] 1245 of them [^] and those who were going to use the degree to do something they cared deeply about [^] the other 255 people. Twenty years later, the researcher checked on the graduates and found that 101 of them were millionaires [^] and all but one of those millionaires came from the 255 people who had pursued what they loved to do!

Now, you may think that your passion for Icelandic poetry of the baroque period, or butterfly collecting, or golf [^] or social justice [^] might consign you to a permanent separation between what you love and what you do for a living, but it isn't necessarily so. Vladimir Nabokov, one of the greatest novelists of this centurey, was far more passionate about butterfly collecting than writing. His first college teaching job, in fact, was in lepidoptery. REsearch on more than 400,000 Americans over the past 40 years indicates that pursuing your passions [^] even in small doses, here and there each day [^] helps you make the most of your current capabilities and encourages you to develop new ones.

From The other 90% by Robert K. Cooper, Three Rivers Press 2001 [Thinking About Computing]

There are lots of smart ppl blogging at

and  : Blogging Together Alliance, a group of vendors devoted to interoperability between blogging tools.

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