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February 2004 - Posts

Here are some related stories,aid,115001,pg,1,00.asp,4149,1539872,00.asp

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The following two upcoming titles from Apress tells you the story,
Never Threaten to Eat Your Co-Workers: Best of Blogs

Joel on Software

Of course, I always wanted Joel pearls in a book form. And in my opinion, some other candidates for Blog books are

Chris Brumme along with Suzanne Cook and Alan Shi
Brad Adams
Raymond Chen (Oh, I would love this one)
Martin Fowler's Bliki
Software (Management) Process Improvement
Managing Product Development

And the list goes on and on....

A friend of mine, who wrote these two interesting articles starts blogging here. Rss Subscribed.

Here is a story about PalmSource new operating system for Smartphones. Although some people ruled out their chances in the market, but who knows. Russell also talks about Java support included in their new “dual OS“ namely Cobalt and Garnet.
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Live Blog on the PalmSource Conference

The Research Room included 10 predictions for the wireless in their latest newsletter.

In short they are,
1) Public access WiFi hotspots will continue to roll-out but with less Noise
2) Operators will have to focus energies on debugging same network 3G/GSM interoperability
3) One of the last NMT networks in Western Europe will shutdown in 2004
4) Mobile satellite services potter along…
5) 4G? Let’s get 3G up & running…
6) Every handset will have GPRS… and soon EDGE
7) CDMA 2000 in the GSM backyard
8) Push to Talk will push into the European value-added services market-place
9) Could European mobile internet push past the 3% hurdle?
10) Could mobile communications recover some of its old form in 2004?

For more details and other goodies, click here.


Uche Ogbuji talks about different standards in the XML world.

Part I - The core standards -- a foundation for the wide world of XML
Part II - XML processing standards
Part III - The most important vocabularies

Today, I was informed by Caroline Phillips  from Microsoft that I am selected to be a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) in the University of Bradford. The MSP award is like MVP but it is specifically for students. To learn more about MSP, see this page.

Thank You All.

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