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March 2004 - Posts

[Watching the detectives may be fun on TV, but human detection is "not very productive" when it comes to stopping retail theft, according to Steve Winningham, senior vice president of IT at Virgin Entertainment.

At the launch event this past week for Microsoft's BizTalk Server 2004, Winningham explained how his company uses technology to help catch employees stealing from the 23 Virgin Megastores in the U.S]

Blogweaver is a categorized feed directory for Microsoft specific technologies such as .NET, Xml, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Longhorn, Whidbey etc.

Now with the growing number of blogs online, it is very difficult to follow each and every blog. With blogweaver, you can subscribe to your favorite feed. And because of the centralized updates to the directory of blogweaver, you'll be automatically updated with any new blog registered with that category.

To see this in action, visit

I'll appreciate if you register your feed with the blogweaver engine. Please make sure that you do not register your main feed, instead, the best practice is to categorize your existing feed (if you have not already done this) and then register individual feed with the most appropriate category. It is possible to register a single feed with multiple categories.

The Blogweaver Web Application is built with ASP.NET with the help of Rss.NET and RssFeed components. These two components are excellent and highly recommended.

Here is one category that requires a little definition.

Just Links – If you do Mike Gunderloy’s Daily Grind like entries then this is the category for you. I recommend that you should separate such entries into a different category so that it is easier to integrate with the blogweaver engine. See James Avery’s blog for an example.

The website is still in testing phase so please submit your suggestions or problem on the contact form here or there.

Our community website is up and running for a week. On this website, you'll find interesting news, resources, event notifications and several articles covering mobile computing and other areas of interests. We would be very glad if you sign up with the community and show the support by contributing anything that you come across with.
Here is a little preview of the recent stuff on ..
Along with these cool things you'll find many goodies such as the presentations from all seminars.
Download these presentation on
You can also upload your papers or articles to the resources section.
There are some interesting stuff in there. Download these documents for free
I hope that you'll find the contents interesting. In any case, if you have any problems or suggestions with the website, then contact me.
The portal itself is built on Project Hurricane, which is developed by Corey Gouker, Dominic Hopton, Mark Johnston.
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