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While surfing through Gotdotnet Workspace Rss, I saw this project...

[Americans for Oil Independance

A group that is built on the foundation that we can help in changing American need for Imported Oil and help in building the Technology and Networks that will create Oil Independance for all the world.]

What are they upto???

Just received this email from

 [2003 MSDN Magazine Archives Now Available
The 2003 MSDN Magazine Archives are now available on CD for only the cost of shipping and handling (see order form for rates). The 2003 CD includes all MSDN Magazine 2000-2003 editorial content and source code, along with an index of all articles appearing in MSDN Magazine, MSJ, and Microsoft Internet Developer from 1986 to 2003. ]

Click here to place your order. Offer expires 30 June.

WinForms: How to Use Mono to Get Microsoft .NET GUI Based Applications Running on Linux

A tale of two CodeDOMs A Webservice to convert C# source code to Delphi

There are a lot of other goodies on

While I am not taking part in Roy's Add-in contest as of yet, but here are some of the informative articles that I would like to share here.

Create VS.NET Add-Ins
Dig Deeply Into Add-Ins
Extend Your IDE

I received this book (written by Mike Gunderloy) yesterday from and depite my ongoing exams, I managed to read half of it cover by cover in a day and I just can't tell you how much I enjoyed any book after a long time. Many books tell you the why of software development, but this book is about why and “how” to do software development. In my opinion, it is an essential title to be on every software developer [read Project Managers, Software Team Leaders, Software Architects] desk. Even if you dont trust my words, then read Joel's foreword for this book.
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