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December 2004 - Posts

Found some good utilities here.

One day, after I was completely frustrated searching for a book on Microsoft Smartphone Programming in which I can find advanced topics, I decided to take it upon me to write such book. So, a couple of days after those inspired thoughts, I have the book in words on OneNote.


NOTE: Please don't believe the above story and visit this link for the book. :>

Inpired by Mike's list, I put on things on my USB on a separate page here.

What's on your USB Stick?,1759,1743101,00.asp

There are two different tools that I built last week.

1. CodeShare Addin: CodeShare Addin is an plug-in for Visual Studio .NET IDE. You can invoke this addin right from the code window to save any snippets into the central database. However, this addin will only work in the code window and it will not work while editing any aspx, html or config file. So, if you need to save snippets from these editors, then you have to use the other tool (as described below).

2. CodeShare Client: The other tool which is built over the same infrastructure is CodeShare Client. It is a separate application that can easily integrate with any external application. The default installation provide extension to Internet Explorer. However, it is basically a windows form application which gets code from any parent application through the clipboard (Simple Copy/Paste mechanism). Thats why, it is very easy to integrate CodeShare Client in any application where the Addin won't work.

Integrating CodeShare Client with Visual Studio .NET:

VS.NET Integration through external tools is very simple. Use the following process to register CodeShare Client executable and also assign it a keyboard shortcut.

Step 1: Add to the External Tools

Goto Tools->External Tools
Add CodeShare Client: Select "CodeShareClient.exe" in the command text box.

Step 2: Map a shortcut key to this external tool

Goto Tools->Customize
Press the Keyboard button and then write "Tools.ExternalCommand(n)" in the Show command containing text box, where n is the sequence of the CodeShare Client tool. You can get this number by selecting the Tools window and counting the external tools upto CodeShare Client.
Then assign some shortcut key for this tool. I used Alt+C, which is available and easy to use with Ctrl+C (Copy).

After performing these steps, you can easily invoke CodeShare Client from anywhere in Visual Studio.NET IDE. Ctrl+C, Alt+C is the sequence to follow.

Integrating CodeShare Client with Windows:
A while back, someone mentioned a free tool called Winkey to invoke any application through the Win+(Key) combination. So, you can easily use Winkey to map "Win+S" (or any other key) to invoke CodeShare Client from any application.

Released by Netherlands Forensic Institute "TULP2G is a forensic software framework for extraction and decoding of data stored in electronic devices. In object-oriented systems a framework is defined as "a set of classes that embodies an abstract design for solutions to a number of related problems". For the TULP2G framework the solutions are so-called plug-ins for data extraction and data decoding and the problems are all related to forensic extraction and decoding of data stored in electronic devices."

The thing that caught my interest is that it is built using Microsoft .NET Framework and C#

CodeShare Client for IE enables you to save n share code snippets right from Internet Explorer. It is an extension to the CodeShare Addin project so you need to complete the server setup before using this plugin.

Download CodeShareClient for IE

Note: Please download and setup CodeShare Addin before using this extension

To Install
1) Right-click CodeShareClient.inf and choose Install
2) Restart any running instances of IE

Now when you right-click an selected text in IE, you'll have a "CodeShare Addin" context menu option.

Additional Notes:
By default, the working files are copied into your %windows%\web folder.

As always, your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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