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This is strange....on a WinXP box

And this is even before EU ruling against Microsoft.

Update: I received 4 comments in 10 mins all saying that it may be their content that is not be available on Windows .... it seems as if I totally misread the whole issue :) Sorry folks

(another beta :P)

I have got my share of  freebies...

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[It may be possible that this offer is only for UK residents]

A blog focusing on Amazon Web Services

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Go check out

I can only say...Wow...never thought of this
For people looking for book, direct link to the virtual book is here.

According to VisitorVille Intelligence [1], around 66 % of employees inside Microsoft are using Google search engine instead of their own MSN Search. Now that's interesting and does that prove that Microsoft employees are not biased to anyone other than technology? ;)

For more information, visit this link

[During his Consumer Electronics Show (CES) keynote address Wednesday evening, Microsoft chairman and Chief Software Architect outlined the digital entertainment successes his company has logged since the October "Digital Entertainment Anywhere" launch event and highlighted some interesting initiatives that will drive momentum throughout 2005. Key among these initiatives are a number of partnerships, some of which are quite surprising.
CES 2005: Gates Promotes "Digital Entertainment Anywhere" Successes and New Initiatives ]

You can see the streaming video of the keynote here
The video is very entertaining + you get free views on some of the hiccups during live demos :P

[Got these from comments to this entry]

Neowin does not have the they removed it
but you can get a screen shot here and here

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