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Now this is really cool from Microsoft.

"WinFS Junior" is a small utility which will help you organize your downloads into categorized folders. It is really good for people who don't want to manually organize their files into folders. "WinFS Junior" does your task automagically :).It is built on a concept application developed for the article "Building an Automatic Pattern-Based File Router" by Arian Kulp.

Try it out yourself. It is free along with the source code.

Google Pages

PHP Developer Center @ Yahoo

Learning from THE WEB by Adam Bosworth, Google

Official Google Research Blog

YubNub - A (social) command line for the web

Application of the day - Free Download Manager

How I explained REST to my wife... by Ryan Tomayko

This is really cool - Toyota And BMW Park Themselves

Free Book : Go It Alone - The Secrets of building a successful Business on Your Own by Bruce Judson

"SniffPass is a network protocol sniffer that automatically captures password that are transmitted via POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, FTP, and HTTP protocol. It can be used to recover forgotten passwords that are hidden behind asterisks or otherwise inaccessible. SniffPass can use RAW sockets on XP/2000 and requires WinPcap for other Windows operating systems. Standalone program, no install needed."

"Omziff is a simple and straightforward encryption utility, that allows you to encrypt/decrypt a file, using several well known encryption algorithms, including Blowfish, Cast128, Gost, IDEA, Misty1, Rijndael, and Twofish. Omziff is a standalone executable and can also be used from an USB drive or similar portable media."

"Capture, analyze and debug all HTTP communications between the web browser on the client side and the web server on the other side. Internet software developers can use HTTP Debugger to analyze the communication between their programs and Internet.HTTP Debugger works with all today's alternative browsers and their plugins, as well as with your own software. You can even monitor and debug ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger and other popular Internet programs."

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Posting it for future reference.

A Directory Of Programs Designed For USB Drives

Tiny Apps

Portable USB Sofftware : A Melange

Portable Applications

USB Applications

Portable Apps

Portable apps for USB flash Drives.

Best Free Portable Windows Freeware

Portable USB Apps

Portable Freeware Collection

Essential Software Collection

XP On Your Thumb Drive

List of portable applications

NEW: Use Gmail as your portable Hard disk

"PStart is a simple tray tool to start user defined applications. Designed to run portable applications (like portable Firefox & Thunderbird), you can start anything runnable from USB key devices or removable disks."

Added to my tools on USB.

I just finished viewing a demo of the stuff Novell is doing for Linux desktop. This is so cool and unreal that I just forget about Windows Visa :). It's worth spending some time to view the demo.


Screenshots + More details:


I recently discovered RssMix, which looks like an interesting service to combine similar feeds in a single feed. I'm not sure whether this feature is available in Squeet otherwise I'd used that instead. Although it is now possible to get the mixed Rss feed through Squeet in your email.

Anyway, the reason for this post is not just to tell about RssMix, but I have created a mix for some of the MSDN blogs writing about debugging.

You can directly subscribed to the combined list here

Otherwise just visit it at

The list of bloggers included in the mix are:

  • Another nice feature of RssMix is that you can create a new list by extending an existing list. Therefore feel free to share it with everyone.

    Yahoo! User Interface Library

    Design Pattern Library

    [via Jeremy]

    This could be the future of human-computer interaction. Some very cool videos at YouTube

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