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If you don't know about GmailSync, please read this post first.

What's New:

a) Files > 10 MB:
GMailSync now support files > 10 MB. It splits these files into chunks of specified size and then upload them individually. The file chunks can be later merged by running GmailSync with the argument "merge" from the command line or simply running the "GSyncMerge.bat" file provided with the download.

Once you run the "GSyncMerge.bat" file, you'll get a dialog box asking to select any file piece. Once you select any part and click Open, GmailSync will generate the complete file by joining all the parts of a particular file. Note that you don't need to select all the files you need to merge. Just select any file.



b) Including Sub-directories:

The application now automatically traverses the subdirectories to include in the backup.

Configuration File:

There are few new properties added to the configuration file. If you are upgrading from the previous version then you may need to copy only these properties to keep your old settings.

<!-- Changes for Version 0.2 . If you are urgrading then only
 copy the following configuration settings to preserve your old
 settings -->
    <!-- Set this to true if you would like to include sub directories -->
 <add key="ScanSubDirectories" value="true"/>
 <!-- Splits the file into following size if greater than 10 MB -->
    <add key="SplitFileSize" value="5"/>  <!-- In MB -->
 <!-- Include the directory information into Email subject to distinguish between
 same name files in different directories -->
    <add key="FullDirectoryPathInSubject" value="true"/>
    <!-- Allows you to run multiple instances for different directories.
 If you set this, then you wont be able to preserve your
    settings if you move the directory. -->
    <add key="AllowMultipleInstances" value="true"/>
 <!-- End of Changes for Version 0.2 -->
Download GmailSync (Latest Version)

GmailSync is an automated backup tool to synchronize files on your computer to your gmail online storage. By using this, you can theoritically use almost unlimited amount of free space available on your gmail account.

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