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In this years TechEd Europe, BT released a brand new SDK to develop next gen applications. This is part of the Web21C initiative that the company is currently undergoing. Last week, I played with the SDK and decided to write a basic tutorial on getting started using this SDK. In the tutorial, I used the SMS capability to write a simple SMS sender application.

Some other cool things which are part of the SDK are:

Voice Call - The Voice Call service allows application developers to add the ability for individuals to place phone calls from their application.

Conference Call - The Conference Call service allows the application developer the ability for individuals to place and control conference calls.

Presence - The Presence service allows the application developer the ability to store and retrieve an individual’s current status and availability for communication.

Authentication - The Authentication service allows the application developer to create and control an authentication realm for their application. This includes management and authentication of users.

Information About Me - The Information About Me (IAM) service allows the application developer a way to store and retrieve data about an individual in key value pairs.

Location - The Location service allow the application developer to add the ability to determine the geographic location (latitude, longitude, altitude) of a mobile device. Currently the Location service only operates in mainland UK with BT issued mobiles, but with service providers partnering all the time, the location service will very soon increase.

Well...grab the SDK from now and then continue with my article to build your Hello world application.

"Hello World" with BT SDK

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