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January 2007 - Posts

Paul Hillman has just posted the SMS Logger for the Microsoft Enterprise Library. It is an excellent idea built around the BT SDK which I wrote about earlier.

He also managed to put it on CodePlex so you can join in to improve the application or just download the sample to use it in your project.


I just finished watching a presentation on "10 Rules for Strategic Innovators" by Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble.

It is an interesting presentation about making strategic moves for the future and fascinating to hear about the story of New York Times Digital Edition. The speakers talked about making a distinct but linked entity for executing the new strategy. It is definately highly recommended to watch.

From the presentation, it seems that Microsoft Research is holding this speech where ironically MSN/Live (NewCo[1]) is struggling to get away from Microsoft (CoreCo [1]).

 [1] Not my words. Taken from the presentation.

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Windows Mobile 6.0

Looks much more responsive.

Google Video

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As I was going through sourceforge, I noticed quite a few projects which are hidden in the depths of sourceforge's projects. For my own reference and for the few blog readers, I have decided to cover them here briefly.

The first project is NSketch, which is written in C# by Joannès Vermorel (blog).

From the website:

"The NSketch library provides implementations of most common sketch-based algorithms (histograms, frequent items, bloom filter ...). The library is written in C# for .Net 2.0 and released under LGPL.
A sketch is a compact yet approximate representation of some data. Intuitively, if exactness is not a requirement, approximation can provide a huge performance gain against a limited error.
The version 0.1 of NSketch (previously named 'DataStreams') includes histograms (naive, sechap, exponential), frequent item selection (lossy counting), bloom filters, fast generic hash function. "

Read more and download from:

Approximate Frequency Counts over Data Streams (pdf)

Bloom Filter
Network Applications of Bloom Filters (

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