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February 2007 - Posts

I accept that I am not good at naming projects :). Let me know if have a better title. 

After finishing up the my last post, I reminded myself how easy it is to add conference calling in the bot. Therefore, I put together conference calling along with async processing using MSMQ in this version which you can download from here. It also uses SQLite database (I just wanted an excuse to play with it) which is made easier by using a class built by Brendan Kowitz ( direct link:

Now, the bot is a little more helpful as You can type help to see the list of options. 

To start a conference, just type

conf <participant 1> <participant 2> <participant 3> 

Oh and auto-accept buddy is also implemented in this version.

Because of the above changes,  you'll find two different projects in the solution.

MSNSandbot: This process is only for communicating with the MSN protocol. It will log every message in the database and then pass it to MSMQ.

BTSDKAgent: This process retrives the message from MSMQ and does the actual service call.

Here is the process flow to show you how different pieces are working together.

 This project is not done yet. I know there are lot of things to improve so please send me your suggestions/comments.

Thats right, it is that simple. With the help of excellent XihSolutions MSN Messaging API and BT SDK, you can develop your own bot to mashup IM and Phone plus any other services you may like.

You can download the solution here. Note that you need to setup BT SDK on your box before running the attached sample. 
BT SDK Bot Flow
The format for IM messages are:

For voice call:
call <source> <destination>
eg. call 447******* 447******* 

For SMS:
sms <destination> <message>
eg. sms 447******* Hello 
The SDK is now also available for Java, Python and PHP. Get it all from here. Letme know if you have any suggestions or comments.

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