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  • BT Web21C SDK is Live now

    In my post here, I mentioned BT releasing a new SDK for developing communication services. The SDK is now Live and you can use it for production application. The service pricing is listed here which in my opinion is very generous.

    With the help of SDK, you can easily build your own new cool startup such as Jajah and co. To summarize the current services provided by the SDK, letme draw a picture as a picture* == 1000 words..

    * This is not an official diagram from the SDK Team but this shows my understanding of the capabilities provided by the SDK. For more information visit

    There are few API changes in the latest version therefore my "Hello World" tutorial will not work now. However, you can easily download and browse through the SMS sample to see the updated API.


  • CodeShare Addin for Visual Studio 2005 (update)

    This is an updated version of the CodeShare plugin to work on Visual Studio 2005. I didn't realise that anyone is using it but Travis Laborde recently ping me with the fact that VS 2005 is now released for 2 years now and the tool doesn't work on it. Please note that you don't need to have the older version to get this to work.

    So here is the update to CodeShare Addin for 2005. The good thing about the new plugin model in 2005 is that it is really very simple to setup.

    Download Binary
    Download Source

    The binary contains the following four folders:

    CodeShareAddin --> You need to copy the files in this directory to <MyDocuments>\Visual Studio 2005\Addins
    CodeShareClient --> You can read more about CodeShareClient here.
    CodeShareService --> If you are not upgrading from earlier version then you also need to setup this webservice in IIS. This version uses the embedded 2005 SQL Database therefore not much hassle here.
    DatabaseScript  --> In case you are willing to use the SQL Server 2005 server.

    If you are only upgrading from the previous version then I suggest only copying the CodeShareAddin files to the <MyDocuments>.... folder. The existing web service and the database should work with the new version.

    *** Once copied, start Visual Studio and you should be able to see Find Code and Contribute Code options under the Refactor item on the context menu. If you can't see anything then try adding MyDocuments\Visual Studio 2005\Addin folder in the addins file path. You can check your Addin file paths in the options dialog. Options->Environment->Add-in/Macros-Security . Adding this path and then a quick restart should work as expected.

    As always, let me know if you get anything unexpected (i.e. bugs) or you want to see more features.