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What: A simple NAnt custom task to send SMS messages using the BT SDK . Why: Maybe you want to ping your manager every time the build fails :). How: 1. Setup the SDK on your PC using my tutorial here . Please note that you need to register your own certificate...
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You know you are in excellent team when your colleagues create something like this. Google Video The video is based on the presentation " Mashing up the Mobile " by Paul Downey and Uros Rapajic .
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In my post here , I mentioned BT releasing a new SDK for developing communication services. The SDK is now Live and you can use it for production application. The service pricing is listed here which in my opinion is very generous. With the help of SDK...
I have just released 0.2 for Younx. Now you can schedule reminders by using the following syntax. Visit Younx
Just finished updating the project on Codeplex. Now the new home of Younx is
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I accept that I am not good at naming projects :). Let me know if have a better title. After finishing up the my last post , I reminded myself how easy it is to add conference calling in the bot. Therefore, I put together conference calling along with...
Thats right, it is that simple. With the help of excellent XihSolutions MSN Messaging API and BT SDK , you can develop your own bot to mashup IM and Phone plus any other services you may like. You can download the solution here . Note that you need to...
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