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Finally I managed to put it on CodePlex. SequenceViz
Posted by laghari78 | with no comments
Update: SequenceViz for Reflector SequenceViz can now show dependencies between different modules. It is probably not as good as some other proprietary softwares but it is fine for a start and I'm hoping to add more to this in the next release. As...
With the help of Mike and Steve , finally there are few visitors coming to the site looking for SequenceViz . For those new visitors and the existing loyal readers (if there are any :)), here is another version of SequenceViz. If you like SequenceViz...
What is SequenceViz? SequenceViz is a tool to generate sequence diagrams by reverse engineering .NET Assemblies. Read this post for setup and installation. The latest release has the following enhacements: 1) Assembly Stats: Now, you can see few stats...
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