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As I said in the last post, the output from Microsoft GLEE looked but not ideal and as the method tree gets bigger with more relationships, the diagram gets out of control. Disappointed with that, my further search takes me to the Netron Project, which...
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UPDATE: [ Part III with Netron Project ] By the end of first exercise , we can list through list of method calls in a particular method body. Now, my target will be to take a assemblyname::typename::method as input then recursively iterate through the...
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I started this exercise thinking about visualizing the methods tree in a diagram. There are several ways to do that. I was planning to use the GraphViz project to render a dot file showing the connections between the methods. But then I found that pydot...
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Inspired by this post by Sam Gentile , I decided to play with Cecil . And this gives me another oppurtunity to use IronPython. The end result may not be very attractive but it has the potential :). >>Read more on Fun with IronPython and Cecil
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Trying out MSMQ from Python is a pain as it is from unmanaged code. But, by using python you get the benefits of using the System.Messaging namespace with the flexibility of dynamic code. Here is how you can do this. Start IronPython by ipy.exe -X:Ta...
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