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GmailSync is an automated backup tool to synchronize files on your computer to your gmail online storage. By using this, you can theoritically use almost unlimited amount of free space available on your gmail account. Read more about GmailSync - Free...
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A while back Google bought another company called SketchUp and since then I was hoping to get the software for free :). Well, the time has come and they have made a "Personal" version for free. Check it out, the software is really cool. http://sketchup...
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I received a lot of complains regarding " WinFS Junior " on the problem of launching the application once the download is completed. Just because " WinFS Junior " removes the file from the original directory it is not possible to run it from the download...
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Until now, I have been using Juice Podcast receiver as my favourite application for subscribing to podcasts. The main reason for using Juice is small footprint and fast execution with a fairly decent user interface. Yesterday, I found ZiePod , which is...
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"SniffPass is a network protocol sniffer that automatically captures password that are transmitted via POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, FTP, and HTTP protocol. It can be used to recover forgotten passwords that are hidden behind asterisks or otherwise inaccessible...
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Posting it for future reference. A Directory Of Programs Designed For USB Drives Tiny Apps Portable USB Sofftware : A Melange
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