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Monday, February 27, 2006 11:18 PM laghari78

WinFSJunior :: A Poor Man's File System

"WinFS Junior" is a small utility which will help you organize your downloads into categorized folders. It started when I completely fed up with saving all downloaded files in a single folder. Don't think that I didn't start with organizing my stuff. Although I get bored with browsing to the most appropriate folder and saving the file there. What I needed is a solution which could work automatically without having to save/sort each file individually.

How It Works:

"WinFS Junior" runs as a system tray application. It watches an incoming folder where you'll save all the files and based on the file name (and some hints), it will automatically move the file to the destination folder. After running "WinFS Junior", you'll see a new icon in your system tray.

Before starting, you'll need to configure the source and the destination folder.

After configuring the source and desination, right click on the tray icon to enable "File watcher".

That's it for setting up "WinFS Junior". Now, here is something to remember.

a) To save every file in the input folder so that it will be picked up by the File Watcher.

b) When saving the file, you may need to add "hints" to the file name to help "WinFS Junior" with categorisation tagging.

The text you add to the original filename follows the following format.

The applications splits the Folder name and the Search Tips and automatically move the file to the destination folder. If the folder does not exists then it will create the folder before moving the file.

You can also further categorize an item by adding Sub Folder name in the file name. The format for adding sub-folder is

Once you have downloaded an application, it will be available to run from the "Recent Downloads" menu.

Default Behaviour:

- If you dont specify any hints, then Junior will move the file into the root directory of the destination folder.
- Search Tips are optional but I personally use it so that I can easily find them later by using any Desktop search tool.

The code is built upon a sample project for the article "Building an Automatic Pattern-Based File Router" by Arian Kulp.


Source Code

Very easy, just unzip the executable in any folder and run it. If you do not trust me, then download the Source Code :). It save the settings inside the Application Data directory therefore it should run even if you are not logged in as an Administrator.


- .NET Framework 2.0
- Laziness 3.0 ( It may be installed by default on your system :))

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