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I personally use my own host to store snapshots that I embed on this blog. Normally the workflow from taking the snapshot to FTP'ing on the server requires three steps.


Use FastStone Capture to take the screenshot -> Open FTPZilla -> Upload picture and note down the URL


Now, with the help of Cropper and the "Send To FTP" Plugin, it is reduced to a single step which saves time as well as effort.


The plugin will get the image stored on your hard disk by Cropper and upload it on your selected FTP address. Once the file is copied, the generated URL is automatically copied to the clipboard. Easy, isn't it?


The plugin will also ask you to name the target file name on the FTP Server.  You don't need to enter the file extension here. Currently, It uses the png file format and add (.png) to the file name automatically. If you press Escape or Cancel then it will use the default file name that Cropper generated automatically.





-- Extract and copy the files in the plugin Cropper folder. If you already have plugins then just copy the files to the plugins directory.


-- You can get the Cropper.Plugins solution and add this project in that solution.

How to configure FTP Settings:


Make sure that you have placed the dll in the plugins directory.
Then Right Click -> Select Options -> Then Plug-ins




Here is a brief description of the different options:


FTP Address:
Name of your FTP Server. You can add directory in front of the address.
For E.g.:
Or Simply:


Username and Password are self-explanatory. Use Anonymous/Email address for anonymous access.


HTTP Address:
The HTTP address which will be used to generate the final URL. 
For E.g.: If you are uploading file abc.png on FTP Address
And HTTP Address is
Then the generated URL will be


Brian Scott:

Cropper Plugins:
FastStone Capture:


Hope you'll like this plugin. Please leave a comment If you have any question about the source or the addin.

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  • I DL'd the plugin and extracted as you said. It created a subdirectory in the /plugins/ directory and created four files there. I still see NO added plugin under the 'Plugins' tab. If I drag the four files into the /plugins/ directory directly, Cropper errors out at startup.. what the heck am I doing wrong?

  • Here is the directory structure from my setup.

    The Root Cropper folder


    \cropper\plugins (Directory)

    I have uploaded this setup at

    Can you download it and try? Just copy it in any directory.

  • Awesome. great plugin and great use of the new configuration feature.

  • Great stuff. Thanks!

    Question... where are the FTP credential settings saved? Are they encrpyted in any form or fashion?

    Feature requests:
    - Hide the password on the Options page.
    - Allow other image formats beside PNG.

    But, great stuff... exactly what I needed.

  • Found the answer to my question about encrypting credentials. I'll add that as another feature request:

    - Encrypt the FTP credentials

    Also found a couple of problems trying to upload:
    - Doesn't work if IE is configured with a proxy
    - Need to be able to control PASV setting (I think)

    Anyway, great stuff... work much appreciated.

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