SequenceViz is going Pro

This is one of the things on my mind for quite some time. As with most other software developers, I wanted to start a microISV to experience the whole product development cycle. To get an idea wasn't as important as the execution so I decided to take one of my open source project to begin with. And that project is SequenceViz.

SequenceViz is my latest open source project which was very interesting to work on and received a lot of community attention. According to the codeplex stats, the number of downloads are +25000 and that didn't include the downloads before I put it on codeplex. Although this number is not the reason behind selecting SequenceViz.

The work on SequenceViz Pro is already started and if everything goes according to the plan, I'll be releasing the beta of SequenceViz Pro soon. This blog will become the primary source for any updates on that project along with my twitter feed.

So What'll happen to SequenceViz @ Codeplex:
The plan is to leave the open source version as it is and I'll not be taking it any further. I'll also remain as project coordinate so If you're willing to improve the open source version then please contact me.

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