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Xap Reflector – Silverlight 4 by nmarun

I’ve always wanted to write a program that ‘opens-up’ a .xap file and go through its contents, kinda like Red-Gates’ Reflector , only that this one does it for .xap files… this marks the birth of a XapReflector . Here are the features of the application...
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WebBrowser and its “gotcha's” – Silverlight 4 by nmarun

Alright, here’s what I learnt tonight while playing with the WebBrowser control in SL4. I built a basic app that looks like this: You can type the address and click the navigate button or select one of the items in the ‘Fav Links’ listbox to go to the...
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Moving back to India by nmarun

Yep, we’re moving back to India; yea, it’s that time. Although this is not a technical article, I just wanted to share with you the time spent in the US of A. Below are some of the highlights: Year 2001: I came to US to pursue my Master’s degree from...
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Using ICommand – Silverlight 4 by nmarun

Another article in the ‘- Silverlight 4’ series (read the first two here: DragNDrop, Right-Click Save As and Local File Access ). In this one we’ll talk about using the ICommand feature, now implemented in Silverlight. Read the announcement in Tim Heuer...
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