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Tech-Ed Amsterdam 2004 - general impression


It’s been only a few days since I got back from Amsterdam the city of no limits. And what a better place then that to host this years Tech-Ed Conference.

As every year the event was impressive, with a lot of investment from Microsoft even in the small details, making the way for the attendees easier to follow the large amount of lectures and information provided in this conference.


As always Don Box, Rafal Lukawiecki and Clemens Vasters, where amazing, it’s always a pleasure to listen to them, no matter what the lecture subject is.


In one of the lectures Don at his best, asked the audience some questions and answered some of them, building a flowing lecture about the past present and future of distributed applications.

He was stating about the importance of using web services and future of it, resembling that to the activity of doing sex for the first time, that is really exciting but you get better as you gain experience

(you can't argue with that… although I wouldn't correlate sex with sending bytes from side to side…. well… maybe with the right music... some candles… J ).

Btw, he mentioned that the next big thing after SOA will be the term “Business Agents” (and when you think about it, it makes sense).


In another lecture, Rafal was talking about the sensitivity of different encryption options, and Clemens was presenting in two different sessions, some of the internals of FABRIQ (And have to say that they did a great job in some of the things in there), and about Proseware Inc. system that has a beautiful SOA implementation (in most parts).

In Prosware for example he emphasis about using WS as only a middleware to EnterpriseServices objects, pointing about the hi speed of DCOM and the cream was a pool he built for managing the plumbing of the hosted objects in COM+, so in addition to the object pool it gives a real performance boost.


I could go on and on talking about the lectures in the conference and the people in it. I could also talk about the nights in Amsterdam (well… in a matter of fact, maybe I shouldn’t J ), or say a word or two about the Party (Big hanger, with BIG screens, a big euro league game, and lots of alcohol….),


But… I guess I’ll better leave some things to my next posts here...

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