Happy Anniversary Express SKU!

Dan Fernandez writes:

One year ago today, Steve Ballmer was on-stage announcing our official launch of Visual Studio Express to the world...it seems like just yesterday!  Since launch, we've had over 6.8 million completed Express downloads!

I've been a fan of C# Express since it was first launched in beta. In fact I have been developing TestDriven.NET using C# Express since the days of NUnitAddIn. Here are the release notes from NUnitAddIn-0.9.576.

Posted August 20, 2004 (over 2 years ago):

Hopefully this puts my reluctance to drop Express SKU support into context. Microsoft you shafted me.

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  • I have read your post on the events of your MVP membership. And I wonder if underneath it all you were "released" because your product exceeds theirs in functionality and following?

    Thankyou for your continued work on Testdriven.NET.

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