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  • Who Needs VB.NET Macros?

    Prototyping addins can be frustrating. If you don't fancy learning VB.NET just to write macros, you're forced to work with a full blown addin. This is anoying if all you want is a quick spelunk inside the VS automation model. This is why I've added another test target. If you select 'Run With... VS.NET', your tests will run inside the current VS.NET process. I've made the DTE object accessable using AppDomain.Current.GetData("DTE").

  • Code 2 Html

    Nauman Leghari writes "I am looking for an addin which can convert code to html from the VS.NET IDE".  I've been thinking about this recently too.  It would be easy to adapt the NUnitAddin code to do this.  Look for AddControl("Code Window", 3) in the source.  You could use the SgmlReader to filter the code (after copying it to the clipboard).  It does copy as a kind of HTML, but with lots of horrible Office and style tags (look the the HTML of any if the snippets I have posted).

  • Good News / Bad News

    The good news is the the first major release of NUnitAddin for quite some time is out (version 0.5 build 105).  The bad news is that it only works if the .NET Framework 1.1 is installed.  It works with VS.NET 2002 and 2003, but only if 1.1 is there.  So far the issue has defeated me.  It looks like a NullReferenceException is being thrown deep in the bowels of .NET Remoting.  The exception is being thrown by the NUnitAddin.TestRunner.Server program.  If anyone can find the problem I would be hugely grateful.  You can set a breakpoint in the source and use the new 'Run With... Debugger' feature to step into the offending code.  Good luck... ;)

  • Blogmarks & .NETWeblog Future

    Scott made a post about the future of .NETWeblogs and a possible moderated feed.  I agree the main feed is too noisy.  There's just too much stuff.  If I read every single post I wouldn't get any work done.  I don't know if you saw, but I posted about a possible way to tackle the problem...  Blogmarks

  • Command Line Parsing with XmlSerializer

    Duncan Mackenzie commented about a command line switch parser he found. Has anyone thought of doing command line parsing using (my current favorite class) the XmlSerializer? The code that follows can handle strings, ints, uints, bools, enums and arrays. Best of all it's only a page of code!  The code you are about to see was designed using Ad Hoc tests.  The '_verbose' category is a hint to dump the object's fields and properties.  You can find more information about point and click testing here.

  • Testing ASP.NET Pages

    I've been working on getting ad hoc tests working with ASP.NET.  In order to work, the code behind class must be annotated with several attributes.  They let the test runner know which page to render, what query string to use and when to run the test.  The test can be run during any page event (Init, Load, DataBinding, PreRender etc.).  For example, say you right click on and run the following 'test()' method....

  • Mono & Rotor

    My internet connection has been down for going on a week.  On the plus side I've managed to get loads of work done on NUnitAddin. Here is a screen grab I took a number of days ago. As you can see I have finally got support for Mono working! It was an up hill battle, but it's finally done. Unfortunately it isn't checked into CVS yet and there isn't a build up on SourceForge. So much has changed it is going to take me a while to check everything back in. If you're impatient, drop me a line and I'll send you the latest revision. If fact, I’d appreciate anyone willing to do some alpha testing.

  • Blogmarks

    As blog entries fly past, I often find myself wanting to mark them for future reference.  When I first started blogging I used to copy them verbatum into my blog.  I used my blog as a kind of online scrap book.  There is so much activity here, I feel it would be a bit antisocial to do that.  I'm left loosing all of the interesting entries I don't have time to comment on.