Reflector on Mono 1.2.3

Miguel de Icaza writes:

This time Reflector will work out of the box with Mono on Unix (no special handling or special flags) and will event detect the presence of your Mono libraries:

One thing to watch out for when running Reflector on Mono is the 'Show PDB symbols' setting. This uses COM Interop under the covers and will cause an exception to be thrown. This won't happen immediately and only happens when PDB symbols are available. The simple fix is to uncheck the 'Show PDB symbols' setting in Reflector's options.

I'm happy to see that Mono and its supporting tools and libraries have been coming on in leaps and bounds recently. Look out for interesting applications and libraries starting off in the Mono world and making their way over to .NET. It's facinating to see the differences in culture and kind of applications that have evolved in the two camps.

Update: Hammette corrects me by saying "MonoRail has no affiliation with Mono whatsoever. The Mono portion on its name is just, well, a coincidence". MonoRail does however work on Mono and is well worth checking out. It's a kind of Ruby on Rails for .NET. I hope the "Rail" bit wasn't coincidence as well. ;-)


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