I really like the idea of visualizers that has been implemented in Visual Studio 2005 and have wanted to write some for quite some time.
So I have added to the mix another passion of mine - CodeDom and therefore present:

The CodeDom Visualizer

The Visualizer will use all of the languages you have defined on your computer (using machine.config) to represent the unit, namespace, type, member, statement or expression.
You can download from here:
To install, simply drag the binaries to %DEVPATH%\Common7\Packages\Debugger\Visualizers.
[Update: Haibo Luo has a really cool visualizer for dynamic methods. I have a feeling I'll need it some day... :)]

What's next?


  • Cool work mate!

    Does it work with everything I make, or just the stuff you pre-wrote (meaning, does it "eat" everything I "feed" it?)

  • The example taken from my patterns is simply for the sake of shameless self-promotion. :)

    It will work with anything that is or inherits from any object in CodeDom from which code can be generated. For instance, C# will allow generation of a single member, when JScript will not.

    If a language does not allow generation, there will be an explanation in its pane.

    If you want to know if an object can be visualized, just look for the visualization icon. It won't show up for anything that can't be visualized.

  • Can't download and no images :(

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