Adobe AIR and Hebrew Fonts

Twhirl(I’ve noticed quite a few people were having this problem, so I decided to blog about it. This might have to do with all non-English fonts, but I experienced it only with Hebrew)


The only reason I use Adobe AIR is for the Twitter application Twhirl. However, I noticed the Hebrew text was incorrectly displayed (word order was reversed).

I did not find a solution for this online and the guys at Twhirl didn’t know what to make of this.

After toying with a few of the options, I finally found the answer – the fonts used by Twhirl were in Hebrew, but AIR wasn’t playing nicely with them. I switched from Calibri to Tahoma and found that the text was just fine.

Both @effifuks and @JonathanRauch (with TweetDeck, where he didn’t see Hebrew text at all – see the left screenshot) experienced the same issue.


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