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Omer has been professionally developing applications over the past 8 years, both at the IDF’s IT corps and later at the Sela Technology Center, but has had the programming bug ever since he can remember himself.
As a senior developer at NuConomy, a leading web analytics and advertising startup, he leads a wide range of technologies for its flagship products.

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Whidbey & C# 2.0: New Toys

Been going over the PDC slides and got to TLS321: Visual C# “Whidbey” - IDE Enhancements For C# Developers and TLS320: Visual C# "Whidbey": Language Enhancements. As far as I can see, next year I'll be getting some new toys.

Cool: Filtered Auto Completion - If you write a catch phrase, the list of autocomplete options will filter to classes that inherit from System.Exception.
Cool: Find All References - Just like Find In Files, but for references.
Cool: Automatic Property Creation for Field - Finally! Thank you, Whidbey Team!
Cool: In house refactoring - Now all of your little "This doesn't look good enough" tasks are done automatically.
Cool: Generics, Iterators, Partial Types. I predict Anonymous Methods to be a nuisance.
Cool: Property Accessor Accessibility - Being able to further restrict a certain accessor for a property (get is public, set is internal, etc.).

Uncool: Excessive use of the bold font.
Uncool: Namespace alias qualifier. It seems as though Microsoft decided that instead of trying to work out the problem of namespace
name/namespace name and namespace name/class name collisions, they would simply work around it. Maybe it's just me, but I expected more from Microsoft on solving such an annoying and foolish problem.

...and yes. I am posting this at 4 o'clock in the morning.

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