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Omer has been professionally developing applications over the past 8 years, both at the IDF’s IT corps and later at the Sela Technology Center, but has had the programming bug ever since he can remember himself.
As a senior developer at NuConomy, a leading web analytics and advertising startup, he leads a wide range of technologies for its flagship products.

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Whenever I have to write a large project using CodeDom (and this doesn't happen as often as you'd think), I almost always find something lacking. It's as if the whole of CodeDom is half baked.

What's bugging me the most is that even with the framework's latest version, 2.0, when Microsoft had the chance to fix things up, they decided, for reasons unknown to anyone outside the company to only implement the new features and fix very few bugs.
Microsoft developers, on their blogs, keep saying that they want not only software to be built with the framework, but also tools. One of the greatest tool-making capabilities they placed in the framework is CodeDom and I'm very appreciative of it, but when such a feature lacks in so many areas, it in several occasions becomes unusable.

What brought this on? Here are the two latest bugs I found and reported:
  1. CodeDom Does Not Allow For Creation of ParamArrays.
  2. CodeDom Does Not Allow For Creation of Finalizers (Destructors).
(Previously, and then some, and then some more, and one more to boot)


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