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Omer has been professionally developing applications over the past 8 years, both at the IDF’s IT corps and later at the Sela Technology Center, but has had the programming bug ever since he can remember himself.
As a senior developer at NuConomy, a leading web analytics and advertising startup, he leads a wide range of technologies for its flagship products.

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HTML to JavaScript HTML DOM Converter

One of our products demands converting quite a large amount of HTML to equivalent scripts, written in JavaScript that create said HTML. Looking around the Internet, I found no tool that will automate this process for me, so I went ahead and created this simple little application.


I've written it using HTML Agility Pack and Simple CSS Parser. It’s hardly perfect and might incorrectly reference attributes, but I’ve tweaked it long enough for it to work, I’m guessing, 95% of the time.

The source is not yet included (I want to set it up as a project on CodePlex later on), but for now you can download it from here.


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