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word PIA + VSTO a no go?

For an application I am trying to open a word template that contains VSTO code using the Primary Interop Assemblies with code like

Document document = word.Documents.Add(ref template, ref wMissing, ref wMissing, ref wMissing);

and for some reason the template events like startup, activate, open arn't called so my VSTO code never executes. I was already surprissed that I couldn't call functions on my template from my own application but if I can't even load the document in a way that the code inside it runs then the options for VSTO become really limited, am I missing something here?

this is using visual studio 2005 beta 2 and the 2003 PIA's

MigrateAspNetBeta1App.exe ?
Hmm when compiling an exising project using the Feb CTP I am getting an error message:

Error   13    Build (web): Error parsing attribute 'compilewith': The CompileWith/ClassWith compilation model was replaced by a slightly different model, which uses the CodeFile/Inherits attributes. A migration tool (MigrateAspNetBeta1App.exe) is available to help with the transition.   SomeFile.ascx    1   

I can't seem to find MigrateAspNetBeta1App.exe on my machine or using google, did they forget to include it?

Remote debugging, developer bliss
I've got remote debugging going at one of our clients and all I can say is WOW!

For some reason remote debugging had a bad rep in the back of my mind. And although installing it wasn't very easy due to firewalls and cryptic error messages, once it worked I fixed 5 bugs in 5 minutes. They were bugs related to timming issues with the SQL Server, they only happended at the clients enviroment because their server is optimissed for this application and our development server runs some other things as well.

My project manager now logs in using VPN/Remote desktop and breaks the application while I am connected with the debugger in a different VPN/Remote desktop session. Instead of having to reproduce the bugs at our end after a "vague" description of the steps to follow I can see what happens instantly, it's just pure *bliss*

I want to thank Gregg Miskelly for his help on diagnossing why the remote debugger didn't work initially, check his blog  for allot of usefull information about remote debugging
Multiple virtual desktops?

I am looking for suggestions for some virtual desktop software. At work I am working on different projects and I have to change between them prety often. In the past I used terminal services to create a couple of desktops but I can't do that on my laptop. What program do you suggest?



Yukon/Team server problem

Since I had such a good experience getting help for a problem by posting here I thought I would try again.

I am trying to get a demo of team server going. I have set up 3 virtual machines running windows 2003 enterprise edition. I installed yukon beta 2 on one of them. I am trying to install team server on another one but I can't connect to the database server. I can ping the server, but the database isn't reachable for some reason. It won't show up as a network server in SQL Management studio either. Anyone have any suggestions as to what might be wrong? (Yes TCP/IP is enabled)

HTML Mail image problem

I am trying to send a newsletter in HTML format. It shows fine on outlook express, but outlook 2003 doesn't show any images (not even the can't load image image, and no it's not the block images setting).

Anyone have any clue what might be the problem?

Thanks in advance

Why shovel opperators shouldn't program (and vice versa)

a picture is worth a thousand words...


It's official

This post about looking for an internship really worked out. I am gonna do my 100 day internship at Variomatic, signed the papers today so it's official.

I'll be working as a web developer with (you guessed it!) .net. Really looking forward to it, starting the first of September. So come back then, the story continues...

Great online comic

http://www.wulffmorgenthaler.com/ for your daily dose

Is that part of the Microsoft interview process as well?


P.S. The next post will be technical I am finishing the first public release of the beatnik.net compiler (bdnc) more on that later.

Nice video on msdn tv and dust off the clippy code!

I've just watched the Whiteboard with Anders Hejlsberg video on msdn tv. Great stuff! If you work with C# and haven't seen it yet, go there now!

Small request for the visual studio / visual C# team: dust off the clippy code from office and put Anders Hejlsberg inside visual studio!

OK thats all for now, thank you for listening

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