Silverlight Soliloquy: Development Environment

In the previous post of this series, my alter-ego decided to move forward learning Silverlight v1.0 and not wait until Silverlight v1.1.  Although there are some who feel passionately about waiting until v1.1, Shadowman looks forward to starting Silverlight development today (he is hopeful for a full production release soon).

The soliloquy continues:

After reading Jesse Liberty's blog on Day 2 of the Great Asynchronous Learning Experiment, I noticed he quickly mentioned downloading the appropriate tools for Silverlight development.  I wonder what the absolute minimum requirements are?  From what I can see, the silverlight.js file is highly recommended to reference in my html file.  I can get this by downloading the Silverlight 1.0 SDK.

silverlight1.0_SDK_MenuOk, I have the SDK installed.  I also already have Visual Studio 2005 installed.  Looking at the menu options from my start menu, it looks as if Visual Studio 2005 has a template for Silverlight development.  This should make it easy to get started!  I think I will watch a new Silverlight video that explains the starter files in the Silverlight Javascript Project Template.

- Shadowman

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