So, the MVP Summit 2004

So what can I say?  Everything was under NDA.

So I did walk away from this experience with at least one public comment/question... Has anyone else observed that most Microsoft employees begin sentences with the word “so”?  Must have rubbed off on me (thus the start of this blog).  So if this persists (with me) I am putting the primary blame on Rob Howard.  His likely response?  So what!

So sorry


  • So...this is, AFAICT, a result (either directly or indirectly) of speaker training provided by Microsoft's PR firm. The theory is that using something like "so" that's actually a word is much preferably to saying "um" or "er" when you need to pause to let your brain catch up with your mouth. :-)

    But it's definitely something you really notice once you realize it's happening.

  • Yep, I've caught on to that also. Quite interesting.

  • Also, "folks" is more common than anyone's health would permit, e.g., read Brad Adams.

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