I’m pretty much a Web Forms kinda guy but a few months ago I decided to write a talk for the Fall 2009 Microsoft ASP.NET Connections conference (part of DevConnections conferences) that was an introduction to ASP.NET MVC for a Web Forms person (yes, this is not really equivalent to a Dummy so to speak, but the Dummies title sounded “funner”).

Anyway, like always (for me anyway), back in April when I proposed the talk, I thought I’d have plenty of time to really dig into MVC. Of course, that was before I agreed to author a 12 chapter training class on SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services amongst other things.

Still I did manage to dig into ASP.NET MVC and though I was worried a bit about pulling off the talk. I think it went rather well and represents a good introduction to ASP.NET MVC for the Web Forms savvy, non-alt.net, non-heavy into patterns developer.

You can download the slides and sample application at my website.