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  • Couple of Very Cool Things to Do at the Upcoming Microsoft MVP Summit

    Over a thousand developers and IT professionals will be descending upon Bellevue and Redmond at the end of February for the 2011 MVP Global Summit.

    If you are coming to town for the Summit, I want to suggest you get involved in doing some good while you are here. In this post, I outline two such options. I mean how often do you get to do charitable work? Well, we've made it easy for you.

    1. GeekGive Northwest Harvest Food Bank Event. On Saturday, Feb 26, a bunch of us are getting together to help a local food bank package food. Microsoft is underwriting the event and paying all of the expenses for us to get from the downtown Belleveue hotels to the NW Harvest warehouse where we will be working. Microsoft is also paying for breakfast and lunch for all of us and a nice t-shirt for everyone who participates. All you have to do is sign up and show up. One issue with participating is that you may have to fly into Seattle early to participate and Microsoft, as generous as they are, cannot pay for the extra night(s) hotel stay. This event is open to everyone: both MVPs and non-MVPs.

      [GeekGive, by the way, is a great idea that was made to happen by Steve Andrews. Suzanna Moran, Steve, and myself serve on the board of the group and are always looking for opportunities to do good at technical events.]

    2. MVPs Giving Blood. Since the GeekGive event requires getting into town a little early, I wanted to put together some other charitable event that MVPs could participate in without having to fly in early. This is a very informal tweetup where we will gather the morning of Tuesday, March 1 (time to be determined). and walk 1/3 mile over to the Bellevue Puget Sound Blood Donor Center. If you've never given blood, this is a great way to try it out with some of your friends/associates. And if you are a regular blood donor, come join the fun. Do realize that the blood center does have some eligibility rules. You can check out a 2-page PDF FAQ on the rules plus what you can expect during the donation process here. The whole process should take about an hour. You can register your desire to participate at the twtvite registration page--but if for some reason your plans change, we won't hold you to it!

    Oh, and if you're just looking for where all the parties are while in town, check out Joe Guadagno's cool website for a listing of all the MVP Summit Events, which includes the charitable events plus all the places to get free food and booze.