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  • Podcasts For Developers

    Podcasts are a great way of utilizing your time while you are on the move i.e. driving car or riding in a bus/train. If you are unlucky like me, who has to spend couple of hours each day travelling between office & home and vice versa, then listening to podcasts while you are stuck in traffic can be of great help. Not only are you learning something new but it also helps you in keeping calm and makes the journey appear comparatively shorter.

  • Configure Windows Live Writer for Asp.Net Weblogs

    Every time I change my laptop, I had to remember all the steps that are required for configuring windows live writer. Given that live writer is not being maintained anymore, finding its genuine download link itself becomes a challenge. In thins blog post, I am going to bookmark for myself, what are all the steps required for configuring windows live writer for blogging.

  • Pawan Mishra

    Pragmatic and passionate developer with 7.5+ years of experience in developing a wide range of application types in healthcare & financial domain.

  • WPF MVVMLight Toolkit & Capturing Control Events

    If you have worked with MVVMLight toolkit framework, then you must be familiar with the RelayCommand pattern for processing control commands. For example, if you have to handle the button click event using MVVMLight framework i.e. to not have the code-behind button click event handler but instead call some method in your ModelView class, then you can do it easily using the RelayCommand pattern. Below is a sample example :

  • Git : Rename file with difference in casing

    In this blog post, I will explain on how to properly rename a file with difference in casing using git mv command. Before that first let us understand, why difference in casing is such a big thing when it comes to version control systems.

  • Binary Tree : Level Order Traversal

    In a binary tree, node level is defined as the number of nodes which are in between the node in context & the root node. If we consider root node is at level 0, then immediate child nodes of root are at level 1 and the subsequent child nodes are level 2 and so on. Thus level order traversal of a binary tre involves processing nodes on the basis of their levels i.e. level 0 nodes are to be processed before nodes at level 1 which are to be processed before nodes which are at level 2 etc. The screenshot below shows a tree and its corresponding level order traversal :

  • Building Recommendation System Using F# – Part 2

    In the first part, we implemented our first F# function towards building a recommendation system, which could tell us relative closeness of two users based on their ratings given to the various music bands. During implementation, I highlighted some of the core F# programming concepts like pattern matching, options, modules etc.. In this part, we are going to concentrate on following three things: | +91-9962988132 | LinkedIn | Facebook | Github