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  • New Job

    Quite some time passed by with no new entry in my weblog. This has to change. So here is the big news.

  • SQL Server Usergroup Austria Summeracademy

    Yesterday we had the first MS SQL Server 2005 event from the SQL Server Usergroup Austria Summeracademy ( It was a full success, many of our members had for the first time in their lifes the chance to use a Microsoft SQL Server 2005. We did many Hands On Labs with topics like T-SQL Enhancements, XML, .NET Integration and SMO.

  • New Article released

    Open your favorite .NET application, then close your eyes and try using the program. Tough, isn't it? But that's what using your applications may be like for disabled computer users. As a responsible developer, you can solve this problem by using these techniques to add Active Accessibility features to your application.

  • MCP Exams...

    Congrats to the attendees of my MCP Curriculum in Schlieren (Switzerland, near Z├╝rich). All of them passed the exam!

  • Cool Blog

    Christoph Wille, a fellow MVP created a new Blog about the future of .NET Programming.