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March 2004 - Posts

New Mailinglists

My fellow MVP Christoph Wille startet some new mailinglists (next to the old ones about asp,, c#,.....).

If you are able to read and write in german you should definitely check out these mailinglists:

Study Materials ?!

Due to popular request; here's how I made my MCP Exams:

My study material for 70-315, 70-316, 70-320 was personal experience with Visual C#. ;) 
I'm using .NET Framework since PDC Techpreview - no need for a book there.

For 70-300 I used the Book from QUE, from the Exam Cram 2 Series:

This was a really helpfull book. A lot better than the MOC from Microsoft!

Made It!

Today I took the MCP Exam 70-300 "Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures".

Score to pass: 700
My score: 966!

Seems that reading books and doing practice tests and also some expirience in the software market do pay off!

Breakpoint 2004 Invitation Intro released! - 100% cool code

The invitation intro for this years Breakpoint party has been released!

Get it here:

It's an amazing piece of graphics code. All done with DirectX 9.0b, C++ and x86 Assembler!

2 articles about Windows Management Instrumentation

Recently I wrote 2 articles about integration of WMI with .NET. Both have been released by If you are interested you can find them here:

Exploring WMI: Integrate WMI into the .NET Framework
Once you learn how to integrate Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) with the .NET Framework, you can utilize a completely new approach for managing system resources.

Exploring WMI Part II: Using the Common Information Model
Part II of this WMI tutorial series discusses details of the Common Information Model Version 2 (CIMV2) schema and shows you how to query CIM to obtain detailed information about CIM objects

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