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August 2004 - Posts

Teaching MCAD in Zürich (Switzerland)

Well, i haven't written a blog entry for some time now, so i thought I'd just inform you about what's going on in my life...

1) right now I'm teaching a MCAD Curriculum in Zürich. It was organized by the local Usergroup Leader, Stephan Troxler and we managed to arrange really cheap rates for the attendees. 2000,- Euro for 2 weeks full of .NET Knowledge.
Last week we started on monday with a quick overview on C# and object orientation. The next days we worked through the MOC about Programming the Framwork with C# (Signing, GAC, Assembly Binding, CodeAccessSecurity, Delegates, Multithreading, HelperClasses,  and all that neat stuff that helps you to make rock solid applications). On Friday we started with ADO.NET and saturday was completly focused on a WinForm Application and the usage of the CurrencyManager.
On Sunday finally a day off - went to Singen(Hohentwiel) (Germany) for a short walk on an old eroded vulcano.
Monday back at school with ADO.NET and we are focusing on ASP.NET Development.
On thursday will be the MCP Exam.......  good luck to all my attendees.

2) Still working on the website for the Vienna Symphonic Library at   This project just doesn't want to get finished... Still lot of coding work to do and there are also no indizes on the database because it's all still in development...

3) Working on a Texture Generator for Serious Magic ( I love this project, specially for the technologies I use here: ATL, MSXML, .NET
And of course I'm going to implement all the neat gfx algorithms. These are already finished: Perlin Noise, CellularPattern, Glowing Rectangles, Gradients, Blend Functions, Bump Mapping, Displacement, Expose, Color Adjust, Affine Transforms, Matrix Operations and many more.
Seems like this will be one of the best tools I've build 'til now.

Well, this is enough for now. Don't expect a major update in the future because I'm really busy....

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