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Live Meeting error: malformed email address... or IS IT???

During a remote SharePoint training session this morning, Live Meeting presented one of our instructors with the following gem:  "An attendee email address is malformed".  This was particularly troubling since a wizard took care of adding all the entries, and they looked correct (even after being sifted through my character analysis tool).

As it turns out, the addresses were indeed correct.  As sometimes happens, though, at the line breaks, it looked like there was no space between the semicolon and the following email address.  Since I'm a member in good standing of the "I wonder what this button does" school of thought, I added an extra space after each of these cramped little semicolons -- and the invitation executed flawlessly.

Coincidence?  Maybe... but you can bet I'm going to keep trying dumb stuff like that when the error message doesn't make sense.  Think of it as the tech support equivalent of "Ask a silly question..."

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