Application Architecture Guide, 2nd Edition

The Patterns & Practices team is working on the upcoming release of its Application Architecture Guide, 2nd Edition which should arrive late summer this year.

One of the areas the team seems to be concentrating on is Domain-Driven Design (DDD). A how to guide is publicly available since January. Skimming through the comments it appears that developers/customers are challenging the original authors how to apply the ideas and experiences published in books (Evans, Fowler, Nilsson).

Implementing a domain model in a general purpose language (Java, C#, etc) is challenging. Key to success is to have as little distractions (from the development platform) as possible. The set of design principles and patterns will help to accomplish this goal. I learned that, after discussing ideas with attendees during my “Applying Domain-Driven design in .NET” talk at SDC 2007, there’s a strong focus to overcome the technology use/constraints in applying DDD in our target platform.

My advice for the Patterns & Practices team is to focus on:

Which principles and patterns should be applied (as a coping strategy) for the distractions in the development platform?

Please realize that this is different from guidance on how to implement DDD-patterns with the .NET platform.

Language workbenches are well underway to completely change the way we do programming, so we might not this guidance anymore ;)


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