Entity Framework Tutorial

You don’t know anything about the Entity Framework or didn’t get around installing it on your box and pour the Northwind data onto a screen? This book could give you a great jumpstart into the Entity Framework. There are a lot of Entity Framework books coming your way, so why should you buy a copy of the Entity Framework Tutorial by Joydip Kanjilal? Packt was so kind to send me a copy, but you can always try to get a free copy as a blogger, reviewer or educator. Otherwise I can definitely advise you to get the ebook and use it to inspire your colleagues.

Because that is what this book is great for: convincing co-workers to start thinking and experimenting with the Entity Framework. Many development teams are still handwriting their data access code.

In the first chapter you’ll learn the key concepts and get an overview of the Entity Framework’s architecture. In the second chapter you’ll learn how to get started with the Entity Data Model and bind some data to a GridView data control. From this point on you’re set to build RAD applications!

It continues with getting down to the nitty gritty details in the Entity Data Model. This is not the strongest part of the book. None the less it provides a great way to learn more detailed concepts driving your Entity Framework based solutions. Stored Procedures are up next together with the lower level API’s in the Entity Framework namely Entity Client and Entity SQL. You’ll learn more about executing CRUD operations against your database with the Entity Framework.

The book successfully saves the best for last; LINQ to Entities and the Object Services Layer. I recon 90% of your projects will utilize both API’s. Creating queries, execution and concurrency conflicts are interesting subjects you’ll learn more about. This book only gives a glimpse of these subjects which each have enough going for them to fill a 200+ page book.

I don’t see the need for a chapter on ADO.NET Data Services but it’s included in the book.

Don’t feel like skimming through MSDN and knot together the loose ends? Don’t feel like reading through Julie's excellent 800+ pages? This is a great alternative. I use this book to inspire people about the Entity Framework by letting it floating around the office. For in depth knowledge and to master the Entity Framework’s complexity you’ll be better of with Julie’s Programming Entity Framework.

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